Owl3D’s blockchain layer is currently launched on the Ropsten testnet. When the platform is later launched on a mainnet, the tokens below will launch alongside it. Tokenomics below is a draft rather than a fixed plan. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Owl Coin ($OWLC)

OWLC is an ERC-20 token. Unlike the regular crypto token, OWLC also serves as the main token of value on Owl3D, giving it utility beyond that of an average crypto token. Users can use OWLC to unlock premium content, trade collectibles, make donations, perform super-like etc. OWLC will be traded on our decentralized exchange (DEX) or other exchanges. In addition, OWLC can be swapped to get OWLG to participate in fee sharing and governance.

OWLC Hard Cap

The OWLC token has a maximum supply of 300,000,000 tokens.
Token allocation and unlock schedules are TBD.

Owl Gem ($OWLG)

OWLG is an ERC-20 token. OWLC can be swapped to OWLG at a ratio (computed below). By holding the OWLG tokens, the person
  • Will receive part of the fees collected from platform activities as rewards when swapping their OWLG back to OWLC at a ratio.
  • Have the right to participate in governance. They can go to a proposal page, connect their wallet, and cast a number of votes equal to the number of OWLG held. Learn more about governance.
This OWLC to OWLG ratio is computed by the formula:
(Total OWLC swapped + Total fees collected in OWLC) / Total OWLC swapped
For instance, if the current OWLG to OWLC ratio is 1.2, which means 1 OWLG is worth 1.2 OWLC, then a person can swap 12 OWLC for 10 OWLG. After a period of time, the platform would’ve collected more fees, making the ratio higher, say 1.5. Now the person can swap 10 OWLG for 15 OWLC and earn 3 OWLC as a reward. (In a real case, the gas fee should be considered.)
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