A 3D content platform built for the immersive future.


Explore a wide variety of 3D content on the Owl3D platform through our web app or the Oculus VR app for a fully immersive experience.
The platform is Web3-native which means activity & content monetization is built-in. Users can earn while enjoying the content and supporting their favorite creators. Creators can monetize their work directly through Smart Contract and keep most of the profits (effectively avoiding the Principle-Agent Dilemma).
The project is still early-stage. Come join our fantastic community!

The motivation for creating Owl3D

Our team is a big fan of spatial computing technologies, like VR/AR, and is excited about their ability to let people interact with the content seamlessly in a three-dimensional world. We believe a platform genuinely led and owned by a creative community is the best way to explore and thrive in this amazing new space. The community's ownership is guaranteed by a set of autonomous Smart Contracts that are open, transparent, and operate on their own. We're enthusiastic about seeing this new breed of content platform, sitting at the intersection of VR and Web3, become a reality, so we jumped headfirst to build just that!

Participate and be rewarded

Owl3D is still in its infancy and much help is needed! There are many ways you can help with the project. Early contributors will be rewarded with tokens ($OWLC) when the project is officially launched. Here are a few possible ways to help and earn:
  • The easiest way is to use the app daily to earn daily sign-in tokens. In addition, if you suggest a feature that ends up being implemented, you'll get an extra bonus.
  • If you're a 3D creator, a way to contribute is to upload your 3D content to the platform and share the post with friends or fans. You'll earn tokens proportional to the popularity of your posts.
  • If you're a crypto veteran/influencer, we want to hear from you!
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